Your mental health matters

Getting quality mental health support is important but finding the right help is a hard. That’s why I’m here. My mission is to help you access good mental health information, resources, & tips from qualified professionals.

Dr M is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Professor, author & media contributor committed to improving mental health accessibility & affordability.

Dr M created @thepsychologistandme to provide free & low cost mental health education, tools & courses alongside traditional psychological services.

You deserve to feel good & live a life that makes you happy.

Latest from the Blog…

Signs You Are Too Self-Critical

This is the second episode in my self-criticism blog series (first post here). This post will cover some tell-tale signs that self-criticism is getting the better of you. Keep scrolling.…

Are You Self-Critical?

I’ve posted this topic on social media and have been inundated with messages asking me to explain how a person comes to be self-critical, what self-criticism looks like, and what…

Burnout or Depression?

Following a recent Instagram post & TikTok, I’ve received so many questions like this: Am I burned out or am I depressed? If you’re asking this question, please know you’re…

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