Signs You Are Too Self-Critical

This is the second episode in my self-criticism blog series (first post here). This post will cover some tell-tale signs that self-criticism is getting the better of you. Keep scrolling. Remember it’s important to be honest with yourself and also very self-compassionate if you notice some of these tendencies. Let’s get started. Signs you areContinue reading “Signs You Are Too Self-Critical”

Are You Self-Critical?

I’ve posted this topic on social media and have been inundated with messages asking me to explain how a person comes to be self-critical, what self-criticism looks like, and what to do about it. I unpack this hefty topic a few blog posts. Keep scrolling to learn what self-criticism is & in part 2 (here)Continue reading “Are You Self-Critical?”

Burnout or Depression?

Following a recent Instagram post & TikTok, I’ve received so many questions like this: Am I burned out or am I depressed? If you’re asking this question, please know you’re not alone. Burnout, low mood, anxiety and not ‘feeling like yourself’ have been the primary reason most of my new clients have started therapy. TheContinue reading “Burnout or Depression?”

The Purpose of Emotions

I’m pleased to share this collaborative blog on the purpose of emotions & how to deal with them. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kelly Zbojovsky has created a great resource about the importance of listening to our emotional experiences & how to ‘sit with’ difficult or intense emotions without allowing them to get the better ofContinue reading “The Purpose of Emotions”

Intrusive Thoughts

We have a special guest blog today from my London colleague Dr Caroline Boyd, who has done some fascinating research on maternal mental health, in particular intrusive thoughts. Her research has helped reduce shame & stigma surrounding common issues that most mothers experience but don’t often talk about. I’m very pleased to be able toContinue reading “Intrusive Thoughts”

The Benefits of Being an Overthinker

Being an overthinker has benefits. I know, right? When I say these words, my inner voice goes into a painful soprano because my brain adds a disbelieving question mark. Being an overthinker has benefits? Being an overthinker has benefits!! Yes. Facts. What an uplifting & motivating truth. So often, mental health issues or struggles such asContinue reading “The Benefits of Being an Overthinker”

Stop Overthinking Now

Welcome to the second post of the overthinking series (here’s the first post). In this post we discuss tips & strategies to curb the habit of chronic overthinking, analysis paralysis, & indecision fatigue. “Let me tell you all about the latest therapy for overthinking.” She said to me with a wry smile. “It’s call STOPContinue reading “Stop Overthinking Now”

Maximizing Motivation

The past few years have completely reshaped the way we live. Our lives will slowly return to ‘normal’ after years of living through a pandemic and our schedules will get busy again too. We can travel, meet up with people, celebrate, embrace. There’s so much we’ve been waiting to do, but before we jump in,Continue reading “Maximizing Motivation”

Overthinking it?

Do you have a tendency to overthink things? Read this blog series if you want to learn how to stop overthinking. This post will tell you what overthinking is and why we overthink. Next up in the series, we will cover what you can do about the habit so you’re not left feeling mentally exhaustedContinue reading “Overthinking it?”

Hello Gorgeous!

Firstly thank you for being here. I hope you’ll find something of value here. I’m Dr M, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Professor, author & media contributor based in London, UK. In my day job, I teach postgrad students how to do therapy & how to test if therapy works. I have a small traumaContinue reading “Hello Gorgeous!”